Munroe Inc
Founded in 1835

Superior fabricated components for BOF/EAF hoods, Boiler Waterwall Panels, Superheaters, Heat Exchanger, Economizer Elements, Reheats, Boiler Headers, with specialty in precision, ultra-tight radius bend Boiler Tubing & all OEM Boiler Pressure Components. including Weld Overlay Applications

Munroe’s retains ASME Code Certifications “S” “H” “PP” and “U” Code Symbols and Pressure Vessel Inspectors “R” Symbol on repair/alteration

Alfa Laval
Plate, Spiral, Air Cooled Heat Exchangers & Oil Lube Coolers

Since 1883, Alfa Laval is a world leader within the key technology areas of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling though key products – heat exchangers, separators, pumps and valves.  Alfa Laval holds more than 2500 patents

STAR Steam Turbines

Defending the Design Clearance

Specializing in customizing steam turbine packing rings

New and Reconditioned Turbine Parts for major OEM Turbine Manufactures, General Electric, Westinghouse, Alstom, DeLeval, Elliott, Dresser-Rand plus others. STAR supplies Packing,  Labyrinth Seals, Oil Seals, Oil Deflectors, Duffuser Rings, Spill Strips, Gland Seals, J-Strips, Springs / Pins / Keys / Screws / Nuts / Bolts / Washers, Valve Parts, Reverse Engineering Services

Established industry leader for over 50 years

Specializing in design and manufacture of heavy-duty utility and industrial dampers and expansion joints for use in flue gas and process air handling systems. Damper Design up to 1800 DegF & Expansion Joints up to 2100 DegF

Damper: Guillotine/Slide Gate, Louver, Diverter, Stack Isolation, Butterfly/Wafer, Poppet, Radial Vane.

Expansion Joints: Non-Metallic Expansion Joints, Elastomeric, Fluoroplastic, Composites and Fabric


Conval Inc.
Lowest Life Cycle cost for Repairable Valves in the Industry

Conval is the industry leader in Severe Service and High Performance Valves. Full range of forged valves (Globe, Gate, Ball, Throttling, Bypass, Blowdown, Recirculating, Urea, Cyrogenic, Three-way and others) from 1/2" to 4" in numerous metallurgies and alloys up to 4500 psi ratings

Supplying realiable valves for high pressure applications in the Steam  Generation, Industrial, Nuclear Reactors and Cryogenic Laboratories for over 45 years


atlas ssi.jpg
Atlas Manufacturing Company
316b complainant Traveling Water Screens

New & Rebuilt Traveling Water Screens (316b compliant, Thru flow and Dual flow), Trash Rakes and water intake design services.

Large warehouse inventory for U.S. Filter, Rex, FMC, SSI & all OEM TWS’s. 

Atlas offers new 316-B federal fish handling modifications with complete field & shop rebuilding services


Boiler Burners, Duct Burners, BMS & Combustion Controls

Advanced combustion solutions for Power, Paper, Refining, Petrochem, LNG, Biogas and Pharmaceutical Industries.  

ZEECO manufactures and custom engineers low and ultra-Low NOx power burners, duct burners and burner management/combustion control systems.

ZEECO utilizes CFD and physical modeling to simulate specific process conditions against actual equipment design to deliver low emissions solutions with or without FGR and warranties that result.

ZEECO operates the largest ISO certified industrial scale combustion test facility in Oklahoma.

Their product portfolio also includes Flares, Flame Scanners and After-Market 


Curtiss Wright
Heat Exchanger Repairs and Process Piping Hydro Testing

Curtiss-Wright EST Group specializes in the development, manufacturing and marketing of highly-engineered products and repair services for shell and tube heat exchangers, condensers, coolers and chillers. Our best known product, the Pop-A-Plug® Tube Plugging System, is the industry’s leading technology for plugging leaking and degraded heat exchanger tubes. EST Group also engineers and manufactures pressure testing and isolation plugs to greatly simplify and speed-up pressure testing and/or isolation of piping, tubing, valves, pressure vessels and a multitude of special applications.

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Wet and Dry Cooling Tower Systems and Service

Energy, Engineering, Excellence is the core of our new name and was the foundation of the former GEA cooling tower company since 1935

Our product portfolio ranges from all dry air cooled condenser (ACC) and Heller technologies to all wet cooling towers, with limitless dry/wet combination systems and evaporative add-on solutions in between.  Our innovative InAir ACC system reduces construction cost by 15% or more
Dedicated Field service group that performs visual / detailed inspections, supplier of all cooling parts (gearboxes, motors, fans, driveshfts, fill media, drift eliminators, wood and FRP structure material), supervision to full rebuild maintenance and construction


Wireline Services

Specializing in downhole technology and techniques that deliver critical subsurface information in open-hole or mechanical integrity of your casing/cement barriers in cased-hole or gas storage wells.
Our unique Assure™ conveyance systems is used to optimize tool deployment in S-curved or horizontal wells with minimal rig time.
SecureView® casing and cement evaluation service uses a suite of technologies—UltraView™ ultrasonic-radial scanner, CalView® multi-sensor caliper, BondView™ cement-bond tool, and FluxView® casing-imaging—that represent a powerful tool combination that provides simultaneous cement and casing inspections. These technologies can be run in combination or separately on single-conductor or multi-conductor wireline cables.


WEIR Valves
Atwood & Morill / Batley / BDK / Blakebourgh / TriCentric

Specializing in the design and manufacture of valves for the global power generation, oil & gas and industrial sectors. Our portfolio of engineered service solutions and aftermarket support can improve operating performance and operable life of valves and other integral assets in flow control applications.

• Atwood & Morrill™ - Engineered isolation, check & turbine bypass valves

• Batley Valve® - High performance butterfly valves

• BDK™- Industrial Valves

• Blakeborough® - Control & severe service valves  

• Hopkinsons® - Parallel slide gate & globe valves

• Sarasin-RSBD™ - Pressure safety devices

• Tricentric® -Triple offset butterfly valves


Wigen Treatment Solutions
>4000 installed Power & Industrial water treatment systems

A global leader in water and waste water treatment processes. Systems include: ion exchange, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, micro and nanofiltration, membrane degasification, De-Ion Exchange, Softeners, dealkalizers, multi-media filters, condensate polishers, Activated Carbon, Bioreactors, Desalination and UltraVoilet systems

Segements served include: Power, Industrial, Food & Beverage, Wastewater/Municipal


E-Tech Heat Recovery
Economizers, Air & Process Heaters, Waste Heat Recovery

Design, Engineering and Consulting for Heat Recovery Systems with Boilers, Economizers, Condensing Economizers , Air Heaters and PreHeaters since 1976


Johnston Boilers
Fire Tube & Waste Heat Boilers / Deaerators / Blowoff Tanks

Since 1864, Johnston has been pioneering innovation in fire-tube boilers and introduced the first water backed boiler over 100 years ago from their Michigan facility.

Johnston provides a 15 yr warranty on it's boilers and 1o yr on Deaerators

Johnston offers 3 pass or 4 pass hot water or steam boilers from 50 to 2500 hp, Waste Heat Boilers, Deaerators, Condensate Return and Blowoff tanks 


Babcock & Wilcox Boilers
Water Tube Boilers 

Since 1867, The Babcock & Wilcox Company has been the industry leader for water tube boiler technology through its innovation, quality, and reliability.  B&W’s industrial water tube Package Boiler technology is no exception to this rule.  B&W has designed and supplied more than 5,000 industrial water tube Package Boilers worldwide since 1949 for use in all different industries such as Refining/Petrochemical, Chemical, Pulp & Paper, Universities, Hospitals, Food, Automotive, Utilities, and Pharmaceutical just to name a few. 
B&W offers both standard and custom engineered solutions to meet the Customer’s operating and budgetary needs with steam solutions for industrial boilers ranging from 8,000 to 1,200,000 lb/hr with design steam pressure up to 2400 psig and 1,005°F.  B&W offers shop assembled, modular, and field erected industrial water tube Package Boilers along with multiple configurations of industrial water tube Waste Heat Boilers for both process heat recovery and turbine exhaust heat recovery systems.


B&W Megtec
Pollution Abatement Technologies for Power & Industrial

B&W MEGTEC is a global leader in the supply of innovative environmental control technologies and aftermarket services. We provide equipment solutions for the removal or recovery of VOC, SOx, NOx, particulate, and/or mercury from industrial processes and distillation equipment for liquids separation and recovery.

Key environmental technologies include oxidizers, fabric filters, Multiclone®, wet and dry electrostatic precipitators, wet, dry, spray dry and circulating dry sorbent injection systems, evaporative gas conditioning/cooling systems, wet scrubbers, selective catalytic and selective non-catalytic reduction (SCR/SNCR), odor control and distillation and solvent recovery products.


Pipe Cutting / Beveling Tools, Hydraulic Tension / Torqueing Solutions and Hydro Testing

Hydratight has developed a comprehensive range of quality engineered products for torque solutions, tensioning, machining, heat treating, and weld test/Isolation equipment. In addition to the extensive range of products that are available for sale and rent, we also offer custom solutions for unique challenges. Our products cover most industrial settings including but not limited to Coal, Nuclear, Chemical, Refining, and Oil/Gas.