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Consumers Energy
Ludington Pumped Storage
  • Driveshaft,Spiders and Wicket Gate Machining & Welding refurbishment

DTE Fermi
  • MSIV Atwood/Morrill valve refurbishment

Consumers Energy
J.H. Campbell
  • Boiler Tube Components,

  • Boiler Feed Pump repairs

  • Heat Exchanger repairs 

  • Valve Replacement

DTE Belle River
  • Boiler Tube Panels,

  • Turbine repairs

  • Traveling Water Screen repairs

  • Valve replacement

Comsumers Energy
D.E. Karn/J.C. Weadock
  • Project 2

  • Boiler Feed pump repairs

DTE St. Clair
  • Boiler Tube Components,

  • Turbine repair

  • Traveling Water Screen repairs

SS Badger
  • Completed boiler coal feeder upgrades with current EPA regulations

DTE Monroe
  • Air Handling Damper

  • Heat Exchanger Repairs

  • Turbine repairs

DTE River Rouge
  • Steam Turbine repairs

  • Traveling Water Screens repairs

DTE Trenton
  • Heat Exchanger repairs

  • Steam Turbine repairs

DPI Alpena
  • Coal to Natural Gas Conversions 

LaFarge Alpena
  • Kiln Economizer Replacements

A.K. Steel
  • Screen house, New Traveling Water Screen

  • Boiler Grate System Components and Stack Replacement

  • Conveyor RSF Equipment and Repairs

Akron Energy Systems
  • Boiler & Feeder Replacement parts

For a full history and list of client, please contact us


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