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Manufacturer Sales Representative for

Power Generation and Industrial Process Applications

Industry Focus

Servicing the Power Generation, Utility, Commercial and Industrial  Manufacturing Plants in Michigan and Northern Ohio



Quality Products and Services with a proven track record

All our principles have industry leadership in their respective segments and are backed by engineering departments to tailor complex engineered solutions to our industry focus


Clients & Projects

With over 25 years of experience in our target market, we have helped our customers maintain their critical and rotational equipment during planned and emergency  outages



Bliznik Sales and Associates was established in 1987 as a manufacturer's sales representation agency specializing in serving our customers in the Power Generation, Materials, PetroChemical, Cement, Automotive, and Pharmaceutical industries.

Our mission as a engineering manufacturer's rep is to build upon our reputation as a responsive customer advocate and bridge to our principles for the specification, design, procurement, build and supply and followup of complex engineered solutions for the following list of products we offer

  • Cooling Towers (Wet and Dry) Construction, Inspection and Repair

  • Industrial Water Treatment Solutions

  • Water Tube / Fire Tube / Electric Package Boilers

  • Waste Heat and Heat Recovery Steam Generators

  • Boiler Tubing and Pressure Vessel Fabrication

  • Combustion Equipment and Low NOx Burners

  • Gas and Steam Turbine Open, Clean, Repair & Close / Field Machining

  • Aftermarket Gas  and Steam Turbine replacement parts / Reverse Engineering

  • Dampers and Expansion Joints

  • Gas Turbine Engineered Exhaust Systems

  • Traveling Water Screens, Bar Racks and Trash Rakes

  • Heat Exchanger and Boiler tube Repair

  • Air Cooled and Plate/Frame Heat Exchangers

  • Boiler Economizers and Air Heaters

  • Aftermarket Solid Fuel Handling Parts for Stokers and Conveyors



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Offices in

Petoskey, MI 49770  & Plymouth, MI 48170

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